Reasons for heavy load operation of concrete mixing plant


In the use of concrete mixing plant in the process, the use of concrete mixing plant for many years when there is always heavy load operation. What is the cause of the overloading operation?
1. Concrete mixing plant according to the required ratio of concrete to determine the amount of water supply, and adjust the time to point to the corresponding water supply time;
2. Mixing motor running concrete mixing plant start concrete mixing plant;
3. The concrete mixing plant closes the unloading door, adding the required mix to the hopper, lifting the hopper. The hopper should run smoothly and freely stop at any position on the track. If there is a slippery phenomenon, you should first put the hopper into the bottom of the pit, and then adjust the brake motor large nut. Hopper to improve the normal, reliable braking back to the mixing tube feeding at the same time start the pump to the mixing cylinder water supply;
4. After stirring the mixer in the concrete mixing plant 25-35S, start the discharge door discharge;
5. In the above-mentioned test run, the concrete mixing plant, if found abnormal, should immediately stop checking, troubleshooting, and then in the next test until normal. concrete mixing plant new machine running after a day on the liner and other parts of the bolts, nuts all check fastening. Transmission lubrication parts for oil lubrication.
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