Belt Conveyor Operating Standard


In order to further strengthen the belt equipment, operation norms, the real belt to strengthen the normal maintenance, timely elimination of belt deviation, maintenance equipment orientation is not correct, do not work and other dangerous, root cut off with the incident, progressive belt boot rate. Contact the actual situation of the mine, issued a special standard, look at the units in strict accordance with the implementation.

1. Belt conveyor is necessary to reach the two-level (H-frame, longitudinal beam around the two parallel, in the low-lying belt machine to increase the belt to reach the belt machine line). Roller and the stringer of the convergence of the sales, the stringer and the H-frame convergence of the sales, completely lacking.

2, roller full, change the active, no abnormal sound, no jamming appearance. Belt machine roller, rails on the belt around the rope, it is necessary to clean up. The amount of wear on the outer surface of the cushion roller shall not exceed 1/2 of the thickness.

3. Machine head frame, center frame, tailstock and tightening equipment rack straight without open welding, rack intact, fixed and reliable, no severe corrosion, the drive equipment is necessary to have a plate.

4. Tape without breakage, horizontal gap must not exceed 5% of the bandwidth, maintenance layer peeling does not exceed 0.3m2, the central fiber layer damage surface width should not exceed the bandwidth of 5%. Tape connector clips are flat and flat.

5. Belt conveyor to be adjusted at any time, the belt does not run away, the belt is more than the edge of the belt beyond the edge of the roller or roller whichever, the lower belt to wear scaffold prevail.

6. Each belt machine machine tail not less than two sets of coal, the same part of the coal need to work together. Add a coal cleaner for each additional coal point.

7, belt head to the storage belt or tension roller section of the installation of protective net, need to cross the belt is necessary to add a bridge, in the bridge there is a need to exist handrails and ladder, tail set shield.

8, tense car no damage, no deformation, the wheels run on the track no sound, the car rope rope hoisting rope with a fixed, and not less than three rope clamp.

9. Tighten the equipment to adjust the balance of not less than 1/5 of the whole trip, flexible traction car travel is not less than 17 meters. Tightening winch is alive and reliable, tension to meet the requirements.

10. Brake equipment of the transmission rods live solid, the pin is not loose, no shortage of oil, the appearance of no oil trail door. Hydraulic system does not leak oil.

11. Broken door state, the brake shoe gap is not greater than 2mm, brakes and brake wheel brake tight touch, useful touch area of not less than 60%, brake solid, strong belt use.

12. Belt machine In addition to electrical maintenance equipment, it is necessary to install the drive roller anti-skid maintenance (from the reverse drum 1cm installed) (strong belt from the unloading roller 20 meters installed), heap coal maintenance (from the unloading roller 500mm, (500mm from the top of the belt to install), anti-deviation maintenance (in the storage center of the fourth center of the installation) (strong belt from the unloading roller 20 meters away from the lap 15 meters), temperature maintenance From the main drum 1cm, is the central installation), smoke maintenance (from the head 5 meters, 1.5 meters away from the belt - 2 meters), active watering equipment (1 meter from the main drum, the central installation). Strong belt also need to add anti-tear maintenance equipment (20 meters from the unloading roller, 15 meters from the lap placement) and locking equipment (one per ten meters).

13. All equipment in the belt machine on the emergency stop, strong belt of the PA telephone, it is necessary to normal operation.

14. signal equipment necessary both sound and light, clear and reliable.

15. Tape and tape equipment is necessary to normal tape, take belt, unloading shaft convenience.

16. Tension is necessary to flexible, hydraulic pump operation is normal, the pipeline fuel tank does not leak.

17. Belt conveyor (H frame) for paint number processing.

18, belt conveyor head, tail and the bottom of the floating coal in time for qualified management; equipment signs, no missing cards; cable signs; a dedicated telephone (strong belt); meet the fire equipment; Belt buttons, maintenance equipment necessary on the board.

19, the belt tail is necessary to be fixed, the choice of anchor or the use of self-moving machine tail hydraulic motor for fixed.
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