Belt Conveyor Frequently Asked Questions


Belt conveyor running belt deviation is the most common problems.
In order to deal with these problems, pay attention to the accuracy of the device and the usual protection of conservation. There are a variety of reasons for deviation, need to be based on different reasons different disposal.
1. Adjust the belt of the belt conveyor belt to adjust the orientation of the roller group when the middle of the belt conveyor is skewed to adjust the deviation. At the time of production, the holes on both sides of the roller group are processed to make the growth holes Adjustment. Detailed adjustment method, the detailed approach is the side of the belt which side, which side of the roller group toward the belt forward direction forward, or other side of the back. As shown in Figure 1, the belt moves in the upward direction, and the lower part of the idler group should move to the left and the upper position of the idler group moves to the right.
2. The device aligning roller set aligning roller group has many types such as center shaft type, four connecting rod type, roller type and so on its principle is to use obstruction or roller in the horizontal direction of the direction of obstruction or attack lateral thrust Belt active to the heart to adjust the belt deviation intention. Usually when the total length of the belt conveyor is shorter or the belt conveyor is operated in both directions, this method is reasonable, because the shorter belt conveyor is more simple and not easy to adjust. The long distance belt conveyor is best not to use this approach, because the use of aligning roller group will play on the belt life will have a certain impact.
3. Adjust the drive roller and reorient roller azimuth drive roller and adjust the drum adjustment is an important part of the belt deviation adjustment. As a belt conveyor at least 2 to 5 drums, all the drum device orientation is necessary to straight in the belt conveyor length direction of the center line, if the skew is too large must occur deviation. The adjustment method is similar to adjusting the roller group. For the head roller, such as the belt to the right side of the drum deviation, the right side of the bearing seat should move forward, the belt to the left side of the roller deviation, the left side of the bearing seat should move forward, the corresponding can also Move the left side bearing seat back or the right side bearing seat backwards. The adjustment of the tail roller is just the opposite of the head roller. Adjustment method. By repeating the adjustment until the belt is transferred to a more ambitious position. In the adjustment of the drive or reoriented roller before the best precision device orientation.
4. Adjust the tension at the belt tension adjustment is a belt conveyor deviation adjustment of a very important part. The two rewinding rollers in the upper part of the hammer tension should be straight to the vertical line of gravity, in the direction of the length of the belt, to ensure that the axis centerline is horizontal. When using helical tension or hydraulic tension of the cylinder, the two bearing housings of the tension roller should be translated together to ensure that the roller axis is straight with the longitudinal direction of the belt. The detailed adjustment of the belt deviation is similar to that of the roller.
5. Forwarding position on the impact of the deviation of the belt at the transfer point of the material blanking position on the belt deviation has a very big impact, especially in the two belt machine in the horizontal plane projection into a greater impact. Usually should consider the transfer point at the upper and lower two belt machine relative height. The lower the relative height, the higher the weight of the material, the greater the lateral impact on the base belt, and the material is difficult to center. So that the material in the belt cross section of the skew, the end of the belt deviation. If the material to the right side, then the belt to the left side deviation, and vice versa. In the planning process should be able to increase the relative height of the two belt machine. In the space constraints of the mobile bulk transport machinery up and down funnel, guide trough and other parts of the way and scale should be more carefully think about. Usually the width of the guide groove should be about two thirds of the belt width. To reduce or prevent the belt deviation can increase the block material to block the material, change the direction and orientation of the material.
6. Bidirectional operation Belt conveyor deviation adjustment Bilateral operation of the belt conveyor belt deviation adjustment than the one-way belt conveyor deviation adjustment is relatively difficult, in the detailed adjustment should first adjust a direction, and then adjust Other direction. Adjust the time to carefully observe the direction of movement of the belt and the trend of deviation, one by one to adjust. The main points should be placed on the adjustment of the drive drum and the reeling drum, followed by the adjustment of the roller and the adjustment of the blanking point of the material. Together should pay attention to the belt in the vulcanization joints should be the length of the direction of the belt section of the force evenly, in the choice of guide chain when the two sides of the force to be able to flat.
Disposal of belt conveyor
The belt conveyor is a common question, the reason is also many aspects. But the point is still to strengthen the usual protection and conservation.
1. The transfer point at the sprinkling point at the transfer point is mainly in the hopper hopper, guide trough, etc.. Such as belt conveyor serious overload, belt conveyor guide trough block rubber skirt damage, guide groove at the steel plate planning time away from the belt rubber skirt compared to long material out of the guide trough. The above situation can be in the control of transport capacity, strengthen the conservation and conservation on the disposal.
2. When the concave radius of the belt is small, the radius of the curvature of the concave section is small, and the belt is vacated. At the moment, the belt is changed into a groove condition. Since the belt has now departed from the grooved roller group, To make some material spread out. Therefore, in the planning stage should be able to use a larger radius of curvature of the concave to prevent such attacks. Such as in the mobile mechanical loading machine, heap reclaimer equipment in order to shorten the tail car and the concave section of this planning into a non-circular transition interval, when the belt width selection margin is relatively small compared to the simple spread.
3. Spreading when the deviation of the spatula when the belt is due to the operation of the belt when the two margins in the operation of the two changes, while the other side of the low, the material from the low side of the sprinkled, the disposal is to adjust Belt deviation.

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