The definition of large inclination belt conveyor


Large inclination belt conveyor layout is in the flat rubber conveyor belt on both sides of the elastic elastic rubber canvas vertical "skirt", between the skirt and sticky must have a certain strength and flexibility of the diaphragm composed of box-shaped bucket, So that the material in the bucket in a series of transport. Belt conveyor can be widely used in coal, food, building materials, chemical, hydropower and metallurgy and other parts, the ambient temperature of -19 ¡æ ~ +40 ¡æ range, the transport specific gravity of 0.5-2.5t / m3 of the Bulk material. For the transport of materials with special requirements, such as high temperature, with acid, alkaline, oil or organic solvents and other ingredients of the material, the need to use a special rib conveyor belt.

Large inclination conveyor main use: ribbed belt conveyor is commonly used for the bulk material conveyor equipment, large inclination belt conveyor is selected with corrugated wall and diaphragm of the conveyor belt. Thus, it is particularly suitable for large dip conveyance. Large inclination belt conveyor can be used for transportation, such as coal, chemical, building materials, metallurgy, power, light industry, grain, port, vessel and other occupations, large inclination belt conveyor on the delivery of special requirements, such as: Oil substances or organic solvents and other ingredients of the material, need to use a special conveyor belt. The conveyor belt conveyor is in the range of 0 ¡ã to 90¡ã.
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