The best way to build a concrete mixing plant


In recent years, the rapid growth in demand for concrete, concrete mixing equipment manufacturers are also all over the country, how to build their own, cost-effective commodity concrete mixing plant, has become a headache.
First, the concrete mixing plant and feed ingredients system should be based on the duration of the project, the total amount of concrete, usually the amount of concrete and other targets to be equipped to meet the maximum amount of concrete is appropriate; a mixer and related into the ingredients system for a production Line; general project can only set a production line, the larger and the primary project should be set up two production lines, side by side to ensure that the uninterrupted supply of concrete for the project; a project can only set a mixing station, can also be set by partition Mixing station, or meet a large mixing station set up with the appropriate concrete transport vehicles; specific to the actual situation.
Second, the sand, stone yard area should be large enough to meet the needs of the project consumption, and can facilitate the organization of feed compensation; sand and gravel accumulation, to prevent the composition of concrete mix is not allowed; equipped with truck load and Gravel, respectively, accumulation of regular; places to harden, lunch loader and to prevent dirt and other debris into the material.
Again, a mixing station with 1-2 pools, to be able to ensure that the concrete mixing mixing equipment required. A production line at least with 2 to adapt to the cement warehouse, the best for the three, the use of timely compensation to meet the needs of concrete production without cement backlog. Large volume and pumping concrete generally need to add fly ash and admixture, according to the scene were placed in order to use when appropriate.
Ultimately, as for the transport of concrete products, you can use concrete pump approach. The delivery method to meet the delivery interval and height and the supply of concrete as the basis, generally settled in front of the mixer, with a pump tube connected to the pouring; can also be settled in the vicinity of the local pouring, with concrete transport to the pump.
Planning the above several key, the remaining concrete mixing plant components can be produced according to the need for assembly was established.
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