Debugging method of concrete mixing plant after build


Concrete mixing plant is widely used in highways, bridges, power stations, dam construction projects such as the existence of field operations. At the same time can also be based on the special requirements of the user restructuring to meet the needs of users. Then when the concrete mixing plant construction is completed, the debugging equipment, the problem came, how to properly debug it?

In the commissioning control system first reset the emergency button, close the electrical cabinet power switch, connected to turn on each branch circuit breaker, control circuit power switch, control room power switch, check the electrical system there is no abnormal phenomenon, If the immediate inspection; open the motor button, try to work the motor is not accurate, if not accurate should immediately adjust; start the concrete mixing plant of the pump, until the pressure reaches the request according to the button after the launch of the gas control gate, Check the air compressor switch is not normal, barometer flash is not accurate, the safety valve pressure adjustment to the standard planning; on the mixer to try to work, see is the work of the mixer is not active; It is necessary to work in the process of testing the work of the roller is not active, to carefully check the belt, can not have shaking, deviation, grinding, grinding, grinding, grinding, Side, slippery, deformation, etc.; in the debugging of concrete batching machine must be more click on the ingredients button, It is not active and can be equipped with precision, and then debug the ingredients reference.
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