Introduction of concrete mixing plant operating system


We all know that the concrete mixing plant has been in existence for more than 20 years, and in recent years it seems to be able to see its great changes, especially in terms of efficiency, it is a great change, although This part of the merit is due to its own innovation, but there is a heavy part or to be attributed to the users hand, the following to introduce you to the concrete mixing plant control system.
In the concrete mixing plant, the automatic control system as some of the primary soft control is a very important part of the mixing plant, then, fully automatic control system works what is it?
Automatic control system is divided into two kinds: with computer and without computer. With the kind of computer that requires customers to follow the procedure to set the ratio, then the proportion of the various weighing will flash on the appearance, the ratio set the initial launch of the initial operation of the button. Without the need for a computer to set the button, set the end of the same start the same initial operation of the button.
Concrete mixing plant of the automatic control system has the following characteristics: automatic zero stalking, digital calibration; can store ten kinds of formula; can set the number of ingredients; not the same material can be measured separately; hopper has a base waiting for function; save time progress work efficiency; Modular structure is simple, reliable, easy to repair!
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