Selection Method of Sand in Concrete Mixing Plant


In recent years, China is rapid economic development, infrastructure construction to accelerate the demand for building materials to further stimulate the market of concrete equipment. Concrete mixing plant and other concrete equipment in the domestic market occupies an important position, but also part of the rapid development of the national economy. Then the concrete mixing plant in the sand should be how to choose?
As China is urbanization process continues to move forward, concrete mixing plant in the country large and medium cities have been rapid development and application, then the concrete mixing plant should be how to choose the sand
Concrete mixing plant in the production of different concrete products, the need to use the raw materials are not the same, but no matter what kind of label of concrete products, have a clear product quality requirements. The fundamental factor affecting the quality of concrete products is the purchase of raw materials.
To the second zone fineness modulus 2.3--2.6 (this range is better) for the conditions can also be used machine sand or mixed sand (coarse sand by a certain share of cooperation) use, depending on the local raw material quotation, to save the cost for the intention to price Look at the local situation, fine sand cheap, coarse sand expensive. Machine sand to wash the measurement: the car, of course, is the crane scale, shipping to see the water line, and then to deduct the corresponding moisture content. Moisture content determined by laboratory experiments, sampling should be representative.
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