Safe operating practices of large inclination belt conveyor


For the use of large inclination belt conveyor, must follow the relevant operating standards, mainly related to the following:

1, before the boot check: look at the power, the indicator light is normal, in the absence of security to confirm the case can be carried out the next operation.

2, turn on the belt machine power, open the relevant power control button to confirm the normal operation of the main motor, that is, even after the large inclination belt conveyor speed, according to the need to adjust the relevant speed.

Specification for daily operation of large inclination belt conveyors

3, the speed can be adjusted after the normal work.

4, the operation process to always pay attention to the belt operation, if there is damage, it should stop the operation in time to see the reasons.

5, to prevent foreign matter stick, stuck large inclination belt conveyor caused by the impact of transmission efficiency occurs.

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