Development Trend of HZS concrete mixing plant


With the rapid development of today is society, the rapid rise of industry, making our environment suffered severe damage, their own can not afford to solve. The national environmental protection departments to make the appropriate provisions of the concrete mixing plant equipment is also with the changes. Although the HZS concrete mixing plant equipment is already relatively advanced, but in line with the national environmental protection, intellectual blue sky to improve this, what useful aspects for your reference.

Configuration of the dust removal system, greatly reducing the environmental pollution, environmental effects have been recognized by many customers, the overall package equipment, with good insulation effect; now the new structure of the concrete mixing station energy saving; mixer host High pressure pump pressure spray, spray pipe to install multiple nozzles, so easy to clean, overhaul;

Concrete mixing station mixing host is also equipped with a active dust collector, with automatic dust, exhaust, the dust back to the initiative, dust collection effect is excellent. There is no pollution to the environment; another host also added a monitoring system, more convenient for workers to view. Only to produce approved concrete, construction products can be used by the majority of manufacturers.
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