Inspection period and inspection contents of belt conveyor


In order to extend the service life of the belt conveyor, the best advice is to do routine maintenance work, in general, according to the different types of maintenance, the corresponding maintenance cycle is not the same, the same specific to the maintenance of the project also Differences.

Belt Conveyor Repair Category:

One, minor repair

For minor repairs, the maintenance cycle is generally not fixed, that is, the need for occasional inspection, the main contents of the minor repair items, including the inspection of the belt of the belt, check the drum and roller, check the V-belt, chain, Transmission structure, etc., at the same time need to do parts cleaning and refueling work.

Belt conveyor to do routine maintenance work

Second, overhaul

For overhaul, the general recommended every 12-18 months overhaul once, the main maintenance content in addition to including the minor repair of the project, but also need to break down the various drums and bearings and the drive system is normal, do the appropriate cleaning work, The connection part is operated by oil change. Check and adjust the belt cleaner, check the under the hopper is normal, the belt, the side of the wear and tear to deal with the situation, adjust the belt of the degree of relaxation, if the wear and tear, then need a better belt, the drive roller, roller Move correction and so on.

Through this routine maintenance work, you can belt conveyor may be the problem as soon as possible as soon as possible to deal with, so as to effectively improve the belt conveyor time.
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