Solution of Various Kinds of Faults in Concrete Mixing Plant


The use of concrete mixing plant manufacturers often often have some simple problems can not solve the situation, to our Long Ding mechanical engineers telephone consultation, which is also the official response to the majority of users for the concrete mixing station failure is not clear. For this situation for everyone to summarize the common fault analysis.
Concrete mixing plant in the production process, the most common failure analysis are as follows:
1) Weighing is not allowed: This situation has several reasons a, did not remove the weighing system and the sensor between the rack protection; b, the sensor drift error; c, the sensor is damaged. To solve the concrete mixing station weighing methods are not allowed: remove the fixed parts, re-calibration, replacement of the sensor.
2) can not start: this situation is because the voltage is too large, the cable caused by fine. Only need to adjust the power supply voltage to the required requirements can be.
3) Conveyor belt deviation: This is because the main, passive axis is not parallel to the cause. Workaround, adjust the tension frame to tighten the bolts.
4) the host unloading door can not open: unloading door and sealing plate between the foreign body, the material gate of the accumulation of mortar solidification. Only need to clear the foreign body, remove the solid mortar, after each end of the work must be cleaned.
The above questions as long as attention, I believe that the concrete mixing plant in the work will not have any big problem!
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