How concrete mixing plant deal with natural disasters


As the saying goes, "Mayday, the face of the doll," the official best true reflects the summer is the rainy season, so the case of thunder is inevitable things, and even appear to be killed in the mine. In view of this, thunder when we must pay attention to safety, try not to play outside the phone. So for the concrete mixing plant this equipment, in this weather need to pay attention to what things do.

Be sure to prevent the sensor from burning when shooting: Damage to the meter. The measures to prevent these are:

1: thunder, lightning and electrical appliances (CB920 or amplifier) between the mutual inductance caused by electromotive force, resulting in electrical damage, so the thunder when the cement mixing station must cut off the total power;

2: thunder, the lightning current generated by the sensor line: to the electrical appliances, it must tear down the sensor line.

Above these two knowledge points must be in advance to prevent and know. Otherwise caused by the unnecessary loss is not what we want to see, Long Ding mechanical yuan we can be enough to pay attention to, in order to more rational use of their own funds.
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