Brief introduction to the characteristics of concrete mixing plant


As a manufacturer of concrete mixing plant, we must not only clearly understand the relevant information of the concrete mixing plant, but also should be clear concrete mixing plant transport vehicles, hydraulic trucks, screw pumps and other related mechanical information to a well-known state. Now for you a brief introduction to the concrete mixer station transport truck, so you have a preliminary understanding of this, no longer used to work hard.
Concrete Mixing plant Transporter is a mechanical equipment for long distance to send concrete. Is our common in the truck or dedicated chassis to install a unique combination of concrete mixing device, both the transport and mixing of concrete dual function, you can transport the concrete at the same time, its stirring and stirring to ensure that Concrete through long-distance transport after the quality of uniform, does not produce segregation phenomenon, to ensure the quality of concrete, but also allow the appropriate extension of the transport distance.
Concrete mixing plant is also a common type, and the use of the scale is larger, this is no stranger, if the majority of new and old customers are not clear, contact us now.
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