Belt conveyors become the main equipment for bulk transport


Belt conveyor become the main equipment for bulk transport and play an increasingly important role in the socio-economic structure. In particular, the electric drum drive belt conveyor in the grain storage of the bulk of the transport process is more unparalleled advantages and development potential so we develop thinking, efforts to innovate and combine their original knowledge and existing information on its Innovation and perfection.

In this process to test their own innovative ability to make its scope more widely in all areas of the national economy play a more important role. It is of great importance to speed up the development of belt conveyor, especially belt conveyor with electric drums as actuators. Because of its compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low noise, long service life, stable operation, good working reliability and sealing, and it is suitable for working in a variety of harsh working environments including wet, muddy, Dust and so on.

Therefore, at home and abroad will be belt conveyor (electric drum drive) is widely used in mining, grain, metallurgy and other production areas, thinking constantly open, continuous improvement of manufacturing technology and continuous improvement of manufacturing materials, belt conveyor will be an unprecedented speed development of. To ensure efficient, safe and reliable operation of bulk conveyance and to continue to play a more important role in social and economic development.
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