Factors of Increasing Production Efficiency in Concrete Mixing Plant


Some people will feel that the purchase of concrete mixing plant and the information provided by the supplier and the seller does not meet the actual production efficiency is lower than the theoretical production efficiency, it is considered a factor of equipment, it is not. As a professional manufacturer of concrete mixing plant for the reasons for your summary of the blue sky, the actual production efficiency is mainly due to improper use of the user caused by this to provide you with some suggestions.
1. Ensure that the feeding time is normal
Users in the use of the process to regularly check the butterfly valve and related electrical components to ensure smooth operation of the body, powder hopper and the connection between the mixer is smooth, to ensure the normal feeding time.
2. Ensure that the raw materials are adequate
Not due to factors that make the mixing plant equipment downtime, there should be sufficient capacity of the finished material silo, the raw materials to sample inspection, not the same as the standard aggregate (including powder) to be stacked separately, and do dust and rain, bone Material storage capacity of more than 5 times the amount of daily consumption, powder storage for the daily amount of more than 2 times.
3. Ensure that the mixing time is normal
For the mixing time, the user should check the integrity of the blade inside the mixer liner, the location of raw materials, put the time period, whether there is a clash phenomenon affect the mixing effect and time to ensure that the time of mixing material is normal.
4. Ensure that the discharge time is normal
For the discharge time, generally used to increase the capacity of concrete hopper or concrete hopper designed to store containers to reduce the discharge time.
5. Ensure that the transport time is normal
Users should be based on the mixing station production capacity and transport distance, equipped with enough transport vehicles, and will not produce too much concrete can not be timely transport, affecting the progress of the project.
6. To ensure the daily maintenance of equipment
We should always carry out maintenance and management of the mixing station equipment, let the equipment in the best working condition, daily maintenance in time to check the existence of security risks, and to exclude, to ensure that the concrete mixing plant safe and efficient work.
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