Reasons for Overload Operation of Concrete Mixing Plant


Concrete mixer as an important part of the concrete mixing plant is not allowed to have problems. Its position in the concrete mixing plant, similar to the brain in our body the same. That being the case, we analyze for you the use of concrete mixing plant for many years, there are reasons for heavy load operation, hope for the operation and use of concrete mixer to help.
1. Concrete mixing plant according to the required concrete ratio to determine the water supply, and adjust the time to point to the corresponding water supply time;
2. The concrete mixing plant starts the operation of the mixing machine of the concrete mixer;
3. The concrete mixing plant closes the discharge door, adding the required mixture to the hopper, lifting the hopper. The hopper should run smoothly and freely stop at any position on the track. If there is a slippery phenomenon, you should first put the hopper into the bottom of the pit, and then adjust the brake motor large nut. Hopper to improve the normal, reliable braking back to the mixing tube feeding at the same time start the pump to the mixing cylinder water supply;
4. After stirring the mixer in the concrete mixer 25-35S, start the discharge door discharge;
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