The role of cement silos in concrete mixing plant


For the concrete mixing plant we are clear that this is a set of equipment, which is made up of five systems, the five systems closely integrated with the wet concrete mixing equipment in the whole operation of the process to produce efficient productivity. The talentedsky machinery will explain to you about the cement mixing plant in the cement warehouse that is the powder storage and supply system of specific circumstances, hope to help everyone.

SC series powder silo mainly by the warehouse, stent, warehouse top dust collector, broken arch system, unloading door, level meter, ladder and other components. That is, we usually say that the cement warehouse. Cement warehouse is used to store powder, generally based on the user to determine the actual situation of 2-4, the warehouse are equipped with upper and lower level indicator, one at the top of the cylindrical part of the body, set to the upper limit state, full And the other is located at the bottom of the cylindrical part, set to the lower limit state, empty material action, the user can judge according to the indicator light is full or empty. Cement warehouses in the cement mixing plant plays an important position, and now our cement warehouse are equipped with environmentally friendly dust removal system.
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