Forced concrete mixing plant control skills


Concrete mixing plant as the core of the concrete mixing plant leadership position, the requirements for the mixer is also a very high demand, especially as a general victory of the generous mixer, when used in a lot of stress, today taletnedsky machinery will be We talk about how to better control your forced mixer. When the forced mixer is installed, it should be checked and commissioned for each part. Must be empty running! Specific considerations, to carry out a detailed description.

Check the direction of rotation of the forced mixing blade, the brake of the working device, be sure to work after confirming the normal! There is also a fixed concrete mixing plant, it should be installed on a solid bench. When used for a long time, more should be buried anchor bolts. When you are planning to use a forced mixer for a short period of time, lay the sleeper under the forced mixing stand and level it. For mobile concrete mixing plants, should be installed on a flat hard floor with a square wood or bracket frame, and keep the horizontal tire is not force. If the use of more than three months or more, forced the mixer should be properly unloaded tire to keep the end of the shaft should be clean and rusty work. For some need to dig the hopper pit of the mixer, the pit should be tightened around the pad to prevent the ground water into the pit mixer. Forced mixing mixer to achieve the normal speed after the feeding, feeding and timely water.
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