Crack Treatment of Side Plate of Concrete Mixing Plant


Concrete mixing plant equipment is relatively well aware of the people know that the use of concrete equipment in the process, will suddenly appear a variety of problems, in which the phenomenon of cracks in the side plate is also one of the small abnormal phenomenon, we use Years of experience to explain, hoping to help everyone in the future encounter the same situation when the right can quickly solve or avoid. What we have done is to make everyone is friendship more widely recognized.
Causes of Cracks:
1, fly ash (sand) is too small, the early strength of the body can not keep up
2, the bulk density is too large
3, the body fell too much
4, the ratio of water to material, the lack of flexibility
1, (1) to improve the cutting hardness (2) to improve the balance of fly ash sieve
2, (1) control capacity (2) the use of additives to improve the green body cutting strength
3, body saw cutting table 10 cm must stop, and then slowly fall
4, (1) reduce the proportion of slurry (2) increase the amount of slurry (3) to reduce the amount of lime
Concrete mixing plant in the production of a variety of abnormal phenomena and treatment methods, we will as much as possible to explain in detail, hope to help you solve the problem as soon as possible or to avoid errors. Of course, similar to the concrete mixing station problems or there are many, interested customers can go to our website for a detailed understanding, we will carry out the most perfect service for you, be sure to let you get the most satisfactory answer.
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