Methods of extending the service life of concrete mixing plant


Concrete mixing plant market attention, so that manufacturers are everywhere and then you need to buy buyers in the purchase of products to keep their eyes, but most customers have done the above requirements and that this is an important concrete mixing plant curing Measures, and I do not know when the use of concrete mixing plant which is always lost by the big guy is daily maintenance is the most critical. According to our long-term summed up the experience, the following points need to attract everyone is special attention, the following we have a simple description, hoping to help you make the extension of the concrete mixing plant life, and our reputation will be spread farther.

1, move hands and then hands

For the stirrer failure, do not rush to the first hands-on, should first ask before and after the failure of the failure and specific performance. For unfamiliar equipment, should also be familiar with the circuit principle and structural characteristics, to comply with the corresponding rules. Before you disassemble, familiarize yourself with the function, location, connection, and relationship with other devices in each electrical part. If there is no assembly, remove the mark while removing it.

2, the first static after the dynamic
When the device is not powered, to determine the electrical equipment buttons, transformers, thermal relays and fuses are good or bad, to determine the fault where. Power test, listen to the sound, test parameters, to determine the fault, the last maintenance. If the motor phase is missing, if the measured three-phase voltage value can not be identified, it should listen to the sound, individually measured each relative to the voltage, to determine which phase defects.

3, after electrical machinery
Only in the determination of mechanical parts without trouble, and then the electrical aspects of the inspection. Check the circuit failure, you should use the detection equipment to find the fault location, to confirm no contact failure, and then targeted to see the relationship between the operation of the line and machinery, so as not to misjudge.

4, the first external after the internal
Should check whether the equipment has obvious cracks, defects, to understand its maintenance history, the use of life, and then check the machine. Before the demolition should be excluded from the surrounding fault factors, identified as the machine after the failure to disassemble, otherwise, blind disassembly, the equipment may repair the more bad.

5, the first special after the special

Due to the quality of assembly parts or other equipment failure caused by the failure, generally accounted for about 50% of common faults. Electrical equipment, special failures are mostly soft faults, rely on experience and instrumentation to measure and repair.

6, the first cleaning after maintenance
For heavy-duty electrical equipment, first check the buttons, wiring points, contact points, check whether the external control key failure. Many failures are caused by dirt and conductive dust.

7, the first power after the device
The power part of the failure rate in the entire fault equipment accounted for a high proportion, so the first maintenance power can often be more with less.

8, after the first debugging
For debugging and fault coexistence of electrical equipment, should first remove the fault, and then debugging, commissioning must be carried out under the premise of the electrical line speed.

There are a lot of concrete mixing plant maintenance, not just the above more narrow number, I believe in the use of concrete mixing plant in the process can be accumulated a lot of use of maintenance and repair skills, the majority of users also need to combine the side should be Find the most suitable for their own use. 

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