Concrete mixing plant to improve the efficiency of the neglected details


The use of concrete mixing plant in most cases know the importance of checking the machine according to the inspection, but still in order to save time or rush, most of the staff or directly on the line, for what a series of inspection, conservation work what are Is left behind, the output is the most important, but it is forgotten the normal use of machinery is the first factor in the increase in production. Now you will carry out the knowledge of science, so that your consciousness more sober for the concrete mixing plant of the boot, use, the end of the various processes such as accurate and perfect.
1, the concrete mixer before use to check, power first press the switch, and then knife, check the operation is flexible. Vibrator, roller operation, dial stick operation is normal. Wire rope in the reel on the winding situation; out of the hoisting platform is normal. If the fault is found, notify the electromechanical team to deal with. After handling, before use.
2, electrical parts should be care, the cable to protect, to prevent damage.
3, a feeding not too much, according to the ratio of feeding, pay attention to water-cement ratio. Stir evenly, a mixing time of not less than a minute, the normal mix of concrete, should be very thick porridge.
4, the mixer should be pad flat, mixer funnel may not stand, to prevent the funnel falling water when wounding.
5, fixed hand boot, the driver should be familiar with the operating principle of the operating system, found that the failure to stop immediately check.
6, temporary stop, should be regularly (every twenty minutes), start the mixer, to prevent concrete solidification or pour out the concrete inside the drum, rinse the drum with water.
7, concrete irrigation after the end of the shutdown, the drum and the machine should be timely and mortar washed with water clean. Feed the bucket every time to clean up each time, so that when the material into the provisions of the decentralization of the provisions of the party, and in the appearance of a layer of oil, until the next use.
8, careful implementation of the shift system, the work of the machine to work, pay attention to matters, etc. In most cases, the concrete mixing plant operators and even more front-line staff feel that these things are pediatric, simply not worth mentioning. In fact, this is not the case, the so-called details of the success or failure. For any thing is set up, perhaps you will feel a bit exaggerated, but you stop and think about how many accidents are some familiar with it, is to hold a long experience to judge things, the details of the neglect of the two The net created the tragedy.
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