Concrete mixing plant must understand the characteristics


Concrete for highway construction, water conservancy construction, large and medium-sized construction, bridge construction and a series of infrastructure, concrete mixing plant has also been vigorously promoted, is widely used in a variety of construction projects. The concrete mixing plant is used vigorously, because of its rich characteristics make the work of the work efficiency of the upgrade.
1. Excellent mixing performance
Double horizontal shaft forced mixer stir strong, uniform mixing quality, high productivity. For dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and a variety of concrete mixing effect is better. The hydraulic opening mechanism can adjust the discharge gate opening as needed. Mixing the host shaft with anti-adhesion technology to effectively prevent cement on the shaft of the agglomeration, shaft seal using a unique multi-sealed structure, effectively prevent the mortar leakage and ensure that the entire mixing system for long-term operation.

2. Excellent environmental performance
All the powder material in the mixing plant is carried out from the feeding, the ingredients, the metering, the feeding to the stirring material in the closed state. Mixer cover, cement metering warehouse, fly ash metering tank of the dust pipe are connected with the dust collector, aggregate filling mouth set dust board, thereby reducing the dust emissions. Fully enclosed agitated main building and belt conveyor structure, greatly reducing the dust and voice on the environment pollution. The use of negative pressure dust and special fiber filter cloth, so that the dust generated when the feed completely into the dust collector and not to the surrounding diffusion, and the collection of dust can be easily recycled and effective protection of the environment.
3. Highly reliable performance
Mixing blades with a unique high-chromium high manganese alloy wear-resistant materials, shaft support and sealing the use of a unique multi-sealed, greatly improving the reliability of the host. For the impact, vulnerable parts, such as: unloading hopper, crossing the bucket and so on with wear-resistant steel plate in the inside of the reinforcement; ring belt junction curing curing, the use of life than ordinary steel riveting growth of 3 times.
4. Double protection of the electronic control system
The electronic control system adopts the double machine double control form, that is, the system is composed of two high performance industrial computers, one as the master production system and the other one as the management and monitoring system (also as the backup machine of the master production machine) Of the ingredients control instrument composition. As a master system, with manual and automatic functions. Industrial computer through the external sampling, after calculation, comparison, processing, output control external drive components, which really realized the mixing plant computer control.
5. Excellent control of the operating system
Machine using computer control, both automatic control, but also manual operation, easy to operate. Dynamic panel shows the operation of the various parts of the mixing plant, and can store various data of the mixing plant, according to the requirements of printing various types of statements, storage formula up to 30,000 or more. The control room is bright and spacious, nice and equipped with air conditioning to ensure that the electrical components are durable and stable and reliable. The control system adopts the unique double machine double control form, the control machine and the management machine data sharing, the control machine can change to the management machine breakdown, the maximum guarantee system continuous normal operation. In the host unloading mouth, ingredients station and other key components can be set to monitor the camera.

Concrete mixing plant, the user only has a specific understanding of its characteristics, can play to maximize the role. Looking for buyers, in the purchase of goods can be more accurate to find the purchase of the purchase, making the use of the latter part of the maintenance, the greatest possible reduction to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs. If there are any related issues, please come to consult the purchase.

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