Improve the efficiency of the concrete mixing plant in different seasons


In the commercial concrete mixing plant, the external additives play a certain auxiliary effect. It can be combined with cement can achieve different results. And we often use: pumping agent, water reducing agent, antifreeze and expansion agent. Of course, there are many, water-reducing agent is divided into ordinary and efficient, as well as high-performance water-reducing agent, and air-entraining agent, rust inhibitor, waterproof agent, early strength agent, retarder, quick- Now often two or more than the compound of the complex. I believe that the majority of users is not very clear, not the same type of external additives can meet the same season, not the same climate needs. Can help you reduce the duration, improve production power!

Commercial concrete concrete station if there are a variety of external additives, the demand in accordance with the necessary proportion of premixed, and then after the end of the same water with the water into the mixer to stir. In the course of the application needs to pay attention to is that some special external additives need to try to stir, to avoid problems!

Commercial concrete concrete station to use the additives due to time, winter commonly used is antifreeze, etc., commonly used in summer is a coagulant. It is necessary to select the appropriate external additives, can only improve the power. It can be seen that as long as the use of different types of external additives can produce a variety of seasons than that required.
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