Concrete mixing plant site to move the policy


With the continuous advancement of national urbanization, in the town can see a lot of construction sites, which is essential is the concrete mixing plant set. Whether it is a small concrete mixing plant or a large, we all know that in the construction of the construction process is certainly the venue will be moving or transport, although only a simple machine, there are a lot of attention to the place. Long Ding machinery for you to carry out a brief narrative, hope you can help.

At the beginning of the construction site, we should take into account the late mobile site when selecting the mixing station. In the process of selecting the demolition mobile team, we must choose the team of experienced mixing station to move. During the migration process, the concrete mixing equipment is Determine the key factors of the progress of the venue to move, in order to quickly complete the economic demolition of the mixing station, the key to do three aspects of the work to develop: detailed scientific demolition plan, according to the characteristics of equipment planning station mixing order, select the appropriate Disassembly team, the technical level of the disassembly team directly affect the progress of the assembly and disassembly of concrete mixing equipment; to strengthen the site control, reasonable arrangements for disassembly machinery and personnel, try to avoid cross-work, making the minimum cost of manpower and mechanical equipment Class equipment safety; to ensure that equipment is not damaged and parts are not missing.

Also need to pay attention to is the time to move the concrete mixing plant host four legs and then close the track removed, when the hopper to a certain height after the plug into the bucket; to pay attention to the distance from the crowd Of the local operation, to avoid touching the construction workers and other people; the security hook hanging, are installed in the transport car can be safely transferred.
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