Advantages of concrete batching plant


Concrete batching plant is an indispensable equipment in the mixing station, according to the name can be seen, it is used to carry out ingredients, concrete agitation aggregate, larger, but the larger opening of the machine, can be directly with a forklift Put in, more convenient than the cement tank. So, in addition to the above also have those advantages?
1, belt machine head with a block cover, effectively prevent sprinkle
2, the overall structure is reasonable, strong and beautiful,
3, with excellent performance of the use of electronic weighing system, to further improve the accuracy of weighing;
4, the tail with a screw tension device, you can always adjust the tension of the belt, convenient and quick;
5, while weighing four kinds of aggregate, measurement time is short, high efficiency;
6, in the sand and sand scale bucket side walls, are equipped with vibrators, which is conducive to rapid weighing and rapid discharge of concrete batching plant, the majority of users should also know in advance, so that the concrete mixing station in use In the process to play its greatest role. In the hope that the majority of customers to buy concrete mixing plant before the mixing station to the various major equipment for a detailed understanding, in order to enhance the convenience of the latter.
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