Advantages of Engineering Concrete Mixing Plant


For a lot of time for the white, it is not clear that the concrete mixing plant and concrete mixing plant in the main difference between where, that is just different names, and now we will help you science knowledge. Work mixed with the production of concrete are generally their own use, and business mixed station is sold out to seek benefits. For the common language of their own concrete mixing plant is a good advantage, specifically in the following points.
A low price
As the configuration is simple, the price is not necessarily very high, in general, the price of concrete mixing plant in the 15 to 60 million range, the main representative of the model, HZS60, HZS75 and so on.
two. Low configuration, simple operation:
As the production of concrete are used by their own, so the engineering concrete mixing plant cement warehouse, external additives and other quantities are relatively small, control warehouse ingredients is also in accordance with their own demand ratio, the relative cost savings, control is relatively simple.
three. Equipment is small, easy to place
Cement tank, the number of external additives relative to the commodity concrete mixing plant in terms of less, the area is also much smaller than the mixed plant. In the construction site, placed on the location of a lot of selectivity.
four. Wide range of applications:
The use of concrete mixing plant has been more extensive, the scope of the industrial and industrial use of a more extensive. Own production from Needless to say, there are a lot of business standing at the same time, will be equipped with a set of concrete mixing plant to produce other types of concrete.
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