Establish concrete mixing plant application procedures


Recently reported a concrete mixing plant did not get a complete approval, but access to the production license of the article. According to the original report is expected to close by the end of this year reached the number of twenty, as there are twelve environmental responsibility for travel, occupy more than the general number, but also from the side that these black businessmen regardless of the surrounding people is health and safety , Bent on making money only. In addition, seven no business-related procedures, three no production license. These incomplete procedures of the mixing plant, may be on the bid for the process and the documents are not familiar with or do not know.

In short, bid for pre-mixed commercial concrete enterprises first need to Development and Reform Commission, the letter letter, Trade and Industry Bureau, Planning Bureau and other departments to project, registration, site selection. And then by the qualification level standard reported to the County Construction Bureau audit, City Construction Bureau approval.

Bid for three qualified pre-mixed commercial concrete enterprises, the standard is:
(1), business managers with more than 3 years in the project management experience, technical person in charge of more than 2 years engaged in commodity concrete production work experience, and has the relevant professional intermediate title, the financial person in charge of the primary accounting titles. Enterprises with titles of engineering and economic management of not less than 8 people, including engineering and technical personnel of not less than 5 people, engineering and technical personnel, with more than mid - level titles of not less than 2 people;
(2), the annual output of commercial concrete more than 50,000 cubic meters, the product quality qualified;
(3), the enterprise nearly three years the highest annual settlement income of more than 15 million yuan;
(4), the enterprise registered capital of more than 10 million yuan, corporate net assets of more than 12 million yuan;
(5), with a 30 cubic meters / hour or more of the mixing system, no less than 5 concrete transport vehicles, not less than one pump;
(6), enterprises with concrete special laboratory.

Concrete mixing plant to be held by the procedures is more than a few, I hope you can try to keep the business on the basis of environmental protection, to do some of the documents, and then strengthen their own interests.
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