Methods of extending the service life of concrete mixing plant


For the concrete mixing plant, this large-scale mixing equipment, in addition to the purchase of a lot of money consumed, the latter part of the warranty period is also a lot of money. Many customers want to extend the mixing station life, but it is no way to start, or even the usual maintenance of the equipment are doing very little. In this call you must be caused by the usual maintenance of attention, then the attendant is the daily maintenance of the Notes.
Concrete mixer repair and maintenance should note the following:
 (1) frozen season, the water should be kept in the system of water.
 (2) reducer lubricants to be replaced regularly according to the standard.
 (3) parts of the fastening bolts often check, need to pay special attention to the mixer, motor seats, blades and liner, to prevent loose.
 (4) the replacement of concrete mixer blade using a standard torque wrench, locking torque should be 200-220N. m.
 (5) Wash the mixing bucket, shaft, and leaf before each shift or before stopping.
 (6) Check whether the concrete mixer lubricating pump is programmed to work normally.
 (7) synchronous gear, transmission chain to regularly clean, add grease.
 (8) concrete mixer mixing blades and linings between the wear gap is too large, the cylinder should be adjusted to both sides of the horizontal ¡Ü 5mm.

Concrete mixing plant users need to ask the staff to boot every day in the concrete mixer gear should be applied before the butter a little, and in the chain coated with a small amount of grease, every 300 hours of cleaning once the chain is opened once a week, the drive chain cover is opened. Concrete Mixer After the work of each class, the material in the storage bin is clean and the main power is cut off. Check the tightening of the stirring arm and the leaf pulp and find that the nut loose should be tightened immediately.

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