The composition of the concrete mixing plant


The use of concrete, resulting in the extensive use of concrete mixing plant, for the regular use of concrete mixing plant users can see that the cost of concrete mixing plant. There will be some questions, why the price of concrete mixing station so expensive. This is a detailed analysis of this issue. Hope that the majority of users, you can understand.

1, the cost of raw materials: cement, sand, sand, gravel, fly ash, slag, admixture and other materials, the cost of this according to the ratio and raw material prices can be calculated relatively simple;
2, staff salaries: general business units of the total wages of employees with the amount of production or a linear relationship between the salesman is basic salary (there may be differences), the rest is the commission, the commission is not the same around.
3, equipment depreciation: These need to consider is the depreciation period, such as the boss is scheduled to recover the cost of 5 years, that is, the total amount of equipment / five years expected production, that is, each party equipment depreciation costs;
4, freight: mainly for a variety of vehicle fuel consumption, including the mixer, pump, loading the cost of the car can generally be calculated by statistics, give you a reference value;
5, public relations costs: including all in the process of commercial sales of the marketing department of the costs (catering, entertainment, rebates, etc.), these costs are the general company will have a certain amount of budget, according to the company to provide reference value to calculate;
6, consumables costs: the cost of some concrete enterprises to consume, such as pump pump tubing, S valve, mixer oil, oil filter, air filter, tire consumption (pump, loader also have) , Mixer liner, stirring arm, oil and so on;
7, water and electricity costs: including the production process and staff in the unit life, work in the process of water, electricity costs, relatively speaking, is relatively fixed! There is also a communication fee here, some companies this cost is counted in the clerk is own consumption inside. Each company according to their own situation to calculate.
8, testing costs: mainly mixing floor, loadometer, test equipment, the annual inspection costs, testing station testing costs;
9, the cost of taxes: the state is tax, this is to avoid, for the safety of building products, must be recognized by the concrete mixing plant;
10, other costs: including office consumables, network costs, GPS costs, ERP costs;
The cost of integration is the price of concrete mixing plant source, the birth of a product is not completed overnight. Just like doing their own business, there is a combination of what the cost of the above, see the details of the above, I believe that users will not feel the price of concrete mixing plant is reasonable, and did not imagine the profits. Talent sky Machinery Co., Ltd., hope that this can be understood in place.
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