The grestest role method of engineering concrete mixing plant


With the rapid development of the building, the demand for concrete is also in short supply. It will bring the concrete mixing plant selection boom. Buy concrete mixing plant, certainly want to produce qualified concrete, but how to make the factory concrete mixing station to play its greatest role.

Concrete table: concrete is divided into several strength grades according to the strength. The strength grade of concrete is divided according to the standard value of cube compressive strength fcu, k. The standard value of the cube compressive strength is a value in the overall distribution of the cubic compressive strength, which is less than 5% of the percentage, which is 95% guaranteed. The strength of concrete is divided into C7.5, C10, C15, C20, C25, C30, C35, C40, C45, C50, C55, C60 and other twelve grades. The concrete mix ratio refers to the proportion of the constituent materials (cement, water, sand, stone) in the concrete. There are two ways to express: one is 1 cubic meter of concrete in a variety of materials, such as cement 300 kg, water 180 kg, sand 690 kg, stone 1260 kg; the other is the quality of cement and a variety of materials The ratio of the amount and the water-cement ratio of the concrete. For example, the former example can be written as: C: S: G = 1: 2.3: 4.2, W / C = 0.6. 
Only the purchase of high quality concrete mixing plant, only to meet the safety of construction products and access to the concrete supply of concrete concrete. I believe that the majority of concrete users, after reading the above analysis, the quality of their production of concrete will be the corresponding quality upgrade.
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