A Method to Reduce Wear of Concrete Mixing Plant


Regardless of what kind of machinery will always encounter the use of the process of improper operation caused by wear and tear, of course, the use of concrete mixing plant is also the case, what kind of operation can make the concrete mixing plant to reduce more wear and tear, thereby extending the life of concrete mixing plant. Here to explain to you, should be in the run-in period to pay special attention.

The run-in period is the core purpose of the various types of concrete mixing plant that must go through the stage, during the run-in period, to ensure the normal operation of the concrete mixing plant, the failure rate, and the extension of life safety through the rest period, we must understand. Common failure of the concrete mix during the run-in period: poor lubrication, due to the new assembly components combined with the gap between them is very small, and because of assembly and other reasons, it is difficult to ensure uniformity of the gap, the oil is not easy to form a uniform oil film , To prevent wear on the friction surface. In order to reduce the lubrication effect, thus in the early abnormal wear parts. Resulting in a serious frictional surface scratch or wear of the exact fit, leading to failure.

Due to the factors affecting the processing, assembly and supervision of the new machine parts of the concrete mixing plant, such as the contact area of the friction surface is small, the surface pressure is unequal and the wear is faster. At this point, if the overload operation, it may cause damage to parts, early failures occur. Therefore, when the concrete mixing plant used in the run-in period, it must not use its overload work, so that the life of the concrete mixing plant

To reduce the wear of concrete mixing plant, in addition to the usual maintenance, to pay special attention to the concrete mixing plant with the run. To understand the characteristics of the device itself, in order to reduce the loss.

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