Method of safe and high - yielding management of concrete mixing plant


The purpose of the safety awareness of the concrete mixing plant is to allow workers to have a preliminary understanding of the structure and principles of the machine. More importantly, the workers have a very strong sense of safety to carry out more professional operations. For large-scale concrete equipment such as concrete mixer, a slight operation will give us a threat to the safety of life. In this to the majority of the frontline staff to provide ten specific matters.

Mixing station management of specific matters:
1. Responsible for the superiors, complete and regularly report the work of the laboratory, the laboratory testing, testing, research and development and administrative work of a comprehensive leadership responsibility.
2. Responsible for the concrete concrete mixing plant to complete the task assigned to the higher level and assigned the work.
3. Responsible for the implementation of national standards, norms, procedures, product quality supervision and inspection and research and development principles and policies.
4. Responsible for the preparation of the work plan of the laboratory, summary report
5. The responsible person of the management of the commercial concrete mixing plant shall report the examination and approval of the report of the major engineering product quality inspection (arbitration) and the validation of the report of other engineering product quality inspection (arbitration).
6. Responsible for the staff of the laboratory arrangements, personnel training, assessment of rewards and punishments and budgetary accounts and other work
7. Responsible for the management of commodity concrete mixing plant equipment.
8. Responsible for the confirmation of concrete mix design.
9. Responsible for handling product quality accidents.
10. Organize the preparation of laboratory mixing stations to manage the relevant technical documents and rules and regulations. Quality Responsibility Person Responsibility System.

No rules are not a radius, this is used in any matter is feasible. Not to be familiar with the matter and be taken lightly, hope that the user supervision and implementation, to ensure that the concrete mixing plant life.
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