Concrete mixing plant equipment purchase process


Although the concrete mixing plant is now widely used, but most of the buyers do not know how to accurately select the concrete mixing plant. Now the author will introduce you to the concrete mixing plant of the precise purchase method.

1, to understand your purchase of concrete mixer technical performance and supporting range;
2, for the convenience of transport, concrete mixer factory, under the track, ladder, bracing, connecting angle, legs, anchor bolts, suction pipe for the parts state, the other components for the whole assembly state;
3, JS500 type mixer selection ¡Ý 5 tons of truck truck transport, JS750 type, JS1000 type, JS1500 type mixer used ¡Ý 10 tons of truck truck transport;
4, JS500 concrete mixer hoisting should be used ¡Ý 8 tons of cranes, JS750 type, JS1000 type, JS1500 concrete mixer hoisting should be used ¡Ý 10 tons of cranes;
5, in the whole process of shipment should be safe and reliable, the specific requirements are as follows:
Lifting should pay attention to the center of gravity of the machine shall not be offset, hoisting wire rope should be accurate hanging on the circular hook, is strictly prohibited with the stirrup on the hook to do the whole machine lifting;
The rail is folded on the track and then tied with wire, the hopper is fixed by the brake pin;
Machine and spare parts in the compartment should be firmly fixed, and with a safety hook hanging prison.
concrete mixing plant User Ordering Information
The concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of mixing main engine, batching machine, cement silo, screw conveyor and control system. Each set of equipment is customized according to the actual needs of the user. You can communicate with your company is business personnel in detail. To determine the arrangements for production, in principle, do not allow to make changes.
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