The method of keep good working condition of concrete mixing plant


Users who use concrete mixing plant believe that many of them can do routine maintenance work, but few people know that in the concrete mixer, the flow of oil directly determines the concrete mixer is running well.
In the production process of the concrete mixer, the oil circuit can be set to insert the valve and connected to the solenoid valve of the plug, the valve plug valve and the solenoid valve branch circuit composed of the speed control valve in parallel it can ensure that large flow of hydraulic oil through the shunt.
The control system of the mixing speed of the agitator of the concrete mixer also includes a control mode switch and a manual control unit, the control mode switch which can be controlled by the manual control unit so that the cartridge and the solenoid valve are opened by the circuit of the constituent branch circuit State and the cartridge valve and the solenoid valve are in the open state, which is connected by the branch valve and the solenoid valve of the variable pump to the branch circuit connected to the hydraulic motor.
The concrete mixing unit comprises a spring and a handle connected to the other end of the movable connecting rod, the spring and the mode switching switch comprises a contact block and a stroke switch, the spring fixed on the contact contact block of the movable link And the stroke of the trip switch, the handle is connected to the direction of the moving handle is a movable stroke to open the connecting rod, the spring is in the extended state and the contact block travel switch, the contact block can be moved in the travel switch phase When the trigger is triggered, the cartridge and solenoid valves are opened by the branch circuit.
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