The Importance of Site Selection of Concrete Mixing Plant


HZS, JS, JZM, JZC series of concrete mixing plant, strong and efficient equipment, can produce plastic, dry and hard concrete and other concrete, high production efficiency, widely used in large and medium-sized construction, road and bridge construction and production of concrete products Of the prefabricated plant, is the ideal equipment for the production of commercial concrete.
At present, the mature automatic control system of concrete mixing plant at home and abroad is usually composed of several parts of industrial computer, console and distribution cabinet. Although the system can meet the technological requirements of the mixing station control system, it has the advantages of large volume, high cost and reliability Low, communication instability of the shortcomings.
The concrete mixing plant is produced and developed with the birth of cement. It is the construction, bridges, roads, dams and other construction equipment in the necessary equipment, which consists of storage, ingredients, discharge and other components of the organization, is a multi-link control of the complex system. With the rapid development of basic design and construction, urban commodity concrete is also developing rapidly.
First of all, to determine the timing of the establishment of commodity concrete mixing plant is more important, in-depth understanding of the local development of the status quo and trends of the concrete industry should become a prerequisite for local construction. The development of the commodity concrete industry has a great relationship with the level of local infrastructure construction and local construction practices. Second, the local government to implement the use of commodity concrete policy on the development of commodity concrete industry is also essential. Local commodity concrete price level, profit margins, project capital return situation and other factors is to ensure that the return on investment important data. In addition, the choice of high quality, good after-sales service of concrete machinery and equipment is to ensure the smooth operation of the key business.
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