The use of concrete batching plant skills


Concrete batching plant is a common kind of construction machinery and equipment, its use can greatly improve the progress and quality of the project, but in the course of operation will inevitably encounter a variety of failure occurred. Most users are not proficient in this understanding. In some cases, due to equipment components failure, and some may be due to improper operation caused by failure.
In order to reduce the occurrence of equipment failure, in addition to ensuring the daily maintenance of equipment, but also need to master the following skills:
1. When the operator on the concrete batching plant when the measurement of weighing if the bucket, the display must be 0, if not show 0, then you can press the clear key to eliminate the number
2. Sometimes the concrete batching plant equipment running slow or can not run, this situation is not much, then you can turn off the power and then restart to use.
3. Weighing the hopper must ensure that there is no material to block its channel, if there is a block, we have to clean up by.
4. boot the first batch of metering process for the active drop correction procedures. In the future according to the results of this batch of ingredients after the change, take the initiative to modify each material in two parts of ingredients to meet the measurement needs.
5. Timely clean up the concrete batching plant equipment on-site environmental health, to ensure that the site clean, to ensure that the line is not hit by other things.
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