The skill of high - altitude operation of concrete mixing plant


As a result of the production needs of the concrete mixing plant front-line staff, and occasionally need high-altitude operations, so that the concrete mixing plant must pay attention to whether the high-altitude placement to ensure its firmness, in order to protect the lives of front-line personnel.
1 scaffolding, working platform and carriageway should lie L firm. If the concrete mixing station has a probe plate, should be tied in time to ride: scaffolding on the nail, the obstacles should be cleared net.
2 Welling frame of the satin rope must be fixed firmly, the pulley should always refueling, lifting the cable within the meaning of qualified. The platform of the loading platform attached to the dead end of the harbor must be fastened and a body railings should be added. During the construction of the thunderstorm season, the lightning protection device
3 concrete mixing plant should be strong women, grounding must be safe and reliable, insulated grounding device should be good, and should be tested to run all the normal. Concerned sail operation with the well frame asked, should maintain the appropriate distance. It is necessary to make the concrete mixing plant operator to see the whole picture of the well frame, and should have a good perspective. Concrete mixing station> control office erected shelter. Manipulation of concrete mixing plant personnel must be familiar with the performance of concrete mixing station and operating points, and should be responsible for the operation of the person. Female mechanics should wear work caps. Long hair can not peripheral.
Concave water irrigation underground engineering before the concrete, check the tank to help the slope, should meet the slope requirements, there is no cracks, collapse phenomenon. Stone found problems h should be properly handled in advance.
4 with derrick hanging, tower crane, light tower crane and other machinery vertical transport, should always check the operation, to maintain normal, if the fault should be removed early. Thunderstorm season construction, must set the Thunder facilities.
5 high-altitude operations or deep underground operations. There must be a walkway for the operator up and down.
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