Ensure the normal operation of the concrete mixing plant


In the concrete mixing plant operation, it can be said that the concrete mixing plant as a contemporary large-scale machinery and equipment, not the only one product, twenty have a variety of products consisting of a production line, the use of friends should have learned, The function of each device is for the normal safe and reliable operation of the equipment, it can be said that the mixer as an important part of the concrete mixing plant, in the operation of the time should pay attention to what:
First, the concrete mixer station mixer products must be placed in a flat position, because this product is before and after the square with a wooden pad from the axle, placed in a flat position, is placed in the machine running when the machine appears to move Phenomenon, imagine, if the normal operation of the machine when one of the equipment between the post moves, then the consequences can not be imagined. Second, the concrete mixing plant need to implement the two leakage protection, in the normal operation of the machine, be sure to check, in the empty running after the normal test, can be put into use, where the need to detect the equipment bucket bucket speed Whether it is normal, but also need to adjust the rotation theory and the proportion of the transmission wheel, after the above test, to be able to do real operation.
Third, before use, be sure to check the direction of rotation of the bucket and the direction of the arrow is consistent, if there is inconsistent circumstances, should immediately adjust the line to return to normal wheel direction.
Of course, in order to ensure the normal operation of the concrete mixing plant, need to pay attention to things too much, but we need to continue to sum up, to try to find that users of the common discussion, so as to truly create the value of where.
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