Precautions of concrete mixing plant in rainy season


In the rainy season, concrete mixing plant construction is easy to suddenly encounter rain or rain. Therefore, in the concrete construction process, need to pay more attention to the following aspects, and do protective measures.
1, template isolation layer in the brush before the timely grasp of weather forecasts to prevent the isolation layer was washed away by rain.
2, encountered heavy rain should be stopped pouring concrete, the site should be covered should be covered. Casting concrete should be based on the structure and possible, and more to consider a few construction joints of the indwelling.
3, concrete mixing plant during the construction of the rain, should strengthen the determination of concrete coarse aggregate moisture content, timely adjustment of water consumption.
4, a large area of concrete before pouring, to understand the weather forecast for 2-3 days, try to avoid heavy rain. Concrete pouring site to prepare a large number of rain-proof material, in order to prepare the pouring when the rain suddenly covered.
5, concrete mixing plant template support backfill to reinforce, and add a good plate, the rain after a timely check with or without sink.
6, when the rain, the concrete mixing plant, shall not be welded, docking and other work, when necessary, should do a good job of rain or work will be carried out to the indoor work; just welded steel joints should be anti- So as to prevent the sudden collapse of the joint impact of the quality of the project
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