The Method of Strengthening Environmental Protection Idea of Concrete Mixing Plant


With the construction of green city, Zhengzhou City has increased the importance of environmental protection. As a large-scale production of concrete mixing plant of the mining machinery company, also efforts to the corresponding government call to implement the green environment-friendly concrete mixing plant policy program. So how can the concrete mixing station be implemented?
First, to strengthen the overall environmental protection equipment
Concrete mixing plant should be added outside the seal, transport aggregate, powder, mixing work are carried out in a closed environment, can effectively prevent the spread of dust, reduce air pollution.
Second, the unified storage of waste
Concrete mixing plant all kinds of garbage or waste, to be centralized fixed storage, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations on a regular basis, is strictly prohibited chaos down. A ground of concrete, to be promptly cleaned up, coexist to the fixed site, waste, waste water to be unified treatment.
Third, to strengthen the discharge of sewage
Concrete mixing plant production or living emissions of waste water, to do a good job of sewage diversion, sewage at least through the precipitation, purification, filtration three processes, can be discharged, as far as possible recycling or recycling. All kinds of waste oil and toxic and hazardous substances containing the waste water, must be centralized after handling, shall not be discharged. It is strictly forbidden to discharge any untreated wastewater directly into the nearby water system.
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