Sewage Treatment System for Concrete Mixing Plant


In the concrete production process, equipment cleaning and vehicle cleaning process will produce a lot of sewage wastewater. Very waste of resources at the same time, direct emissions will cause great harm to the environment. Therefore, the concrete production in the sewage treatment system to achieve 100% of its wastewater recovery, to zero discharge standards for sewage.
Sewage treatment and transformation system mainly includes concrete transport fleet unloading chute, gravel separator equipment, sewage sedimentation tank, sewage pool agitator, clarifier, water pump, filter press and so on.
Conventional systems have a total of four sewage pools, three clear pools. 4 sewage tanks are equipped with surface fence and stirrer. And No. 1 pool, pool 2, No. 3 sewage pool with mud pump, 2 and 4 pool design with a level gauge; 3 clarification pool you have a sewage type of water pump. The agitator in the pool is evenly moved to ensure uniformity of water quality in the pool.
Sewage treatment system in the pool need to be arranged in a certain order, the lower part of the pool overflow pipe connected to each other, the upper part of the pump connected to each other. When the pool of water enough time, you can use the pump to send water, to maintain the stability of water. If the water in the pool is large, it will flow back through the overflow pipe provided in the pool and clarify the water quality during the reflow process.
In the concrete mixing plant and the design of a sink and the sewage pool connected to collect rainwater into the pool to ensure that the station clean and also reduce operating costs. The main station and the vehicle cleaning system are equipped with a dedicated water tank to direct the production of sewage to the sewage pool for unified treatment.
Through the concrete mixing plant to guide the transformation of the entire drainage, to achieve the mixing station in the effluent does not flow, and after treatment of sewage directly through the test plant and the use of vehicle cleaning, the production of waste can also be used as added aggregate. To achieve zero discharge of sewage treatment.
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