Treatment of Side Cracks in Concrete Mixing Plant


Concrete equipment to understand the people know that the use of concrete equipment in the process, the side plate will be the phenomenon of cracks can be considered one of the small abnormal phenomenon, today we manufacturers of professional and technical people to give you about this phenomenon The reason and the method of treatment, hoping to help you in the future encounter the same situation when the right can quickly solve or avoid.
Causes of Cracks:
1, fly ash (sand) is too small, the early strength of the body can not keep up
2, the bulk density is too large
3, the body fell too much
4, the ratio of water to material, the lack of flexibility
1, (1) to improve the cutting hardness (2) to improve the balance of fly ash sieve
2, (1) control capacity (2) the use of additives to improve the cutting strength of the body
3, body saw cutting table 10 cm must stop, and then slowly fall
4, (1) reduce the proportion of slurry (2) increase the amount of slurry (3) to reduce the amount of lime
Our concrete mixing plant manufacturers will be more about the concrete equipment in the production of a variety of abnormal phenomena and treatment methods, I hope to understand the content of the people concerned about the timely update on our site to help you solve the problem as soon as possible or Avoid misunderstanding. hope that it can help us.
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