Representatives of small concrete mixing plant in rural areas


Concrete mixing plant in the use of infrastructure in the extensive, most users just understand the use of concrete mixing plant, the difference between the quality of the concrete mixing plant know little about, not to mention the quality of the station to buy. Rural small concrete mixing plant is not only the return of the cause of the partners.

HZS concrete mixing plant operating system can automatically batching, continuous mixing, manual unloading loading all control, in order to facilitate maintenance, control system, there are manual control switching function. HZS concrete mixing plant control system has the function of displaying the flow and accumulated quantity of each material, the fault alarm information and parameter modification, and the dynamic process flow, showing the running status of each equipment. HZS concrete mixing plant to improve the level of information processing and management of mixing stations, reducing the operation of the mixing plant business and operating costs. The system will standardize the management process of enterprises, make up for the loopholes in the management process, reduce the communication costs between departments, improve work efficiency and production efficiency. In addition, our after-sales warranty period equipment due to my company caused by the cause of the equipment failure, my company within 24 hours to the site free of charge warranty, replacement, adjustment; due to improper use of the buyer caused by the loss and normal wear and tear, my company within 12 hours Responsible for the provision of accessories and services, the cost of accessories to bear the buyer. During the warranty period, our company sent the experienced mechanical and electrical technical personnel to the buyer is construction site. If the use of a large amount of concrete or focus on pouring parts, Zhengzhou Jiang workers will send technical staff in the field to accompany the production, to ensure the quality and progress of the project. Product delivery within a week, the remittance after-sales service department staff will be based on customer contact, telephone tracking advice, until the customer satisfaction so far.

With the continuous breakthroughs and innovations in the technology of the machinery industry, we will be grateful for our continued efforts to produce better solutions and solutions for our concrete mixing plant products and hope that you will provide valuable advice.
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