Cost advantages of HZS90 concrete mixing plant


How much money is needed to build a 90 mixing station? Similar to the problem of our professionals almost every day to meet, because the customer is most concerned about is the price and quality of concrete mixing plant, so many visits to shop around three do not suffer. Here we look at the HZS90 concrete mixing plant price budget remittance with the price to save your dream of success.
HZS90 concrete mixing plant that is stirring 90 per hour of concrete, eight hours a day stirring unit, a year to install 300 days of engineering mixing time count, 90 mixing plant annual output of about 210,000 cubic feet of concrete, as for 90 mixing station profit Mainly by geographical restrictions, in general, the average profit per cubic meter of concrete in the 50-80 yuan or so, according to 50 dollars, the total profit of one year in the 10 million or so. Area should meet the construction needs, generally not less than 4000 square meters (excluding living areas and laboratories). Site material stacking, mixing, vehicle parking, garbage stacking, office and other functional areas of a clear division. All concrete mixing plants should be hardened and properly greenened, hardened to meet the requirements of the site. Site hardening in accordance with the four low, the center of the principle of high, and layer drainage slope should not be less than 1.5%. Site and road drainage, the venue around the drainage ditch, drainage ditch with concrete hardening, if necessary, laying steel or concrete prefabricated panels, easy access to vehicles. With the improvement of technology, in the equipment control system, we use a lot of computer control, the use of computers to calculate the amount of material used for each mixing and mixing rate, can be a good guarantee of material supply system continuity and uniformity The Equipment using a large number of centralized control system, the operator can control the mixing room in the control of the various parts of the state, according to the actual situation for a variety of emergency operations. Automatic detection system can monitor the operation of the entire system in real time, in the event of equipment failure or overload alarm to facilitate the operator to control the equipment in a timely manner. In addition, we will work hard to work hard, high efficiency and high standards to fulfill their commitments to high quality cheap products and excellent service with you on the cause of Tenda Road.

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