The work step of concrete batching plant


Before the work by the loader (batch machine underground installation can be used artificial feeding) were to the various storage hopper supply sand, stone material.
Press the recipe control instrument to enter the recipe (the unused material must be set to 0). When the ingredients button is pressed, the dosing machine begins to enter the automatic batching process.
The concrete batching plant its working process is:
The first material I belt machine began to work, the material I transported to the hopper, when said hopper material ¢ñ weight to its set value, the material ¢ñ belt machine automatically stop;
Then the material ¢ò belt machine automatically open, when the hopper in the material weight to reach the material ¢ñ, expected to set the value of ¢ò, the material ¢ò belt machine to stop, the material ¢ó belt machine began to work ... ... so four kinds of materials , The machine will be in a waiting state.
At this time press the concrete batching plant discharge button, the material belt machine work, will be equipped with a good concrete dry material unloading mixer hopper. After the completion of the material, the belt conveyor automatically stops, and automatically start the second cycle of ingredients, the end of the second cycle of ingredients, and waiting for the material, so back and forth.
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