Concrete mixing plant technician operation points


Operator skills to consider: 

1. Concrete mixer on the operation, maintenance personnel requirements are lower. Large-scale concrete mixer structure is complex, high degree of automation, the operation, maintenance personnel requirements are higher. 

2. Installation limit roller method: If the tape to the side of the total deviation, can be installed in the side of the rack on the installation of the limit roller; so that on the one hand can force forced reset tape, on the other hand vertical roller Reduce the tension of the side of the tape, so that the tape to move to the other side. 

3. The importance of maintenance work, as a concrete mixer manufacturers have been constantly reiterated, in order to make concrete mixer equipment to bring us better production income, need to pay attention to the concrete mixer parts, in order to really achieve maintenance Effect, but also need the concrete mixer staff can be a good distinction between the various parts of the maintenance time, we can more reasonable allocation of maintenance time, so easy to complete the maintenance work.

4. On-site inspection should be fixed hopper, cut off Power, into the hopper, the outside should be guarded.

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