Analysis of Installation and Acceptance Methods of Concrete Mixing Plant


Today we have to explain the various types of concrete mixing plant installation acceptance, as follows:
(1) fixed mixer, should be installed in a solid bench, if long-term use, should be buried anchor bolts, if short-term use, should be laid in the machine under the wooden pillow and leveling stable.
(2) mobile mixer, should be installed in the flat hard floor, with wooden or support frame rack, and maintain the level, not allowed to replace the tire support, use a longer time (usually more than 3 months) The tire should be properly transported, the shaft end should be clean and rust work.
(3) transmission, work devices, clutches, brakes, should be fastened, flexible and reliable, full range of protective cover.
(4) mixer wire rope shall not have corrosion, broken wire, flattened and other scrapped situation.
(5) the body of insurance hook, hopper hanging ear should be intact, when the hopper rises, should be linked to the insurance hook.
(6) on the need to dig the hopper on the pit of the mixer, the pit should be tightened around the pad, the bottom of the material track frame should also be tampered or tiled behind the application of wood to be supported to prevent long working hours, track Deformation.
(7) Mixers should be set up shelter, no mud around the machine, clean and tidy, all kinds of cards complete.

(8) Mixer should be set to "one machine one gate a leak a box" Leakage protection parameters for the 30M A ¡Á 0.1S, the motor insulation resistance should be greater than 0.5M¦¸; protection of the zero line of not less than two, Signal accurate and reliable.

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