Performance of HZS Concrete Mixing Plant


Performance of HZS concrete mixing plant:
1. High-quality, energy-saving, waste and environmental protection concept of concrete mixing plant (station), green high-performance concrete production to provide a strong guarantee.
2. Closed green environmental gravel weighing conveyor system, to minimize the noise on the environment pollution.
3. Negative pressure bag dust removal system, completely solve the dust production in concrete dust, environmental pollution and other problems, effective energy conservation, environmental protection.
4. Wet concrete separation and recovery equipment, to take a three-dimensional arrangement to form a set of closed sewage treatment and sand, stone recovery system, so that all the recovery of slurry, waste recycling, to zero emissions, the maximum reduction of environmental pollution, and truly energy Consumption, environmental protection and comfortable production.

5. High-precision weighing system, weighing, control, signal conversion components using world-renowned brands, high-precision sensors, imported computer control, a variety of materials alone weighing (or cumulative weighing), stable performance, accurate measurement. For the powder conveyor specially designed screw conveyor, variable pitch design of the blade, the transmission efficiency is high. Pneumatic butterfly valve, tight seal, reliable action; water and liquid admixtures are thick, fine weighing method, weighing high precision.

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