Automatic Microcomputer Control System Concrete Mixing Plant Introduction


Concrete mixing plant with high reliability of the automatic computer control system, advanced industrial computer + PLC + display instrument control mode, the next bit of PLC implementation of signal sampling and output control, the upper industrial computer dynamic display of production processes and production management, instrumentation display of the scale Ingredient data. Can achieve automatic, manual control, simple operation, user-friendly, high reliability, flexible expansion. Proprietary weighing technology to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measurement system, monitoring interface intuitive, clear and accurate simulation of the scene work process, convenient school scale management, the use of digital calibration technology, through the computer calibration interface, intuitive, simple The production of data management, to create a database, at any time query, statistical production data, report printing management, real-time, real-time correction of water ratio, real-time correction of water ratio, real-time alarm system, Printing, when the tank, when the car report or query, statistical production data reports, powder warehouse level management, automatic calculation of the powder powder consumption, real-time display of the current powder warehouse level, the world-renowned French Schneider low-voltage control components, optional With the network expansion system to achieve the production and management of resource sharing and remote monitoring, equipment maintenance.

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